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Transformers Animated: Along Came a Spider

I am really diggin’ the new Transformers Animated TV show. Many people do not like it because they don’t like the Teen Titans design of the Transformers characters. I think it works. And the reason I like this show is that the stories are so much better than the more recent shows where every other thing there was a major battle and nothing was resolved and everyone ‘powered up’ and again it was ridiculous.

This show is much more complex as there are actual plot lines. We also see some great appearances by other famous Transformers characters. There was an episode where Ratchet had a flashback to being captured by a Decepticon and Arcee was also captured along with him. In this episode we see a flashback of Optimus Prime’s where he is with Sentinel Prime and Elita One. I knew Sentinel Prime was going to be on the show but I didn’t know about Elita One being on it.

I like how the show isn’t as corny as the others were a character runs off somewhere but stays in place like they are running on a treadmill. That shtick gets a little old after a while. Nope, characters here seem to have much more realistic reactions to things.

This episode dealt with a specter from Optimus’ past. In the past Optimus, Elita One and Sentinel Prime were exploring and organic world. We find out that organic worlds are off limits to Transformers. But the three go looking for a Decepticon warship that had crashed on the planet. They find the ship but there are some huge spiders on the world that attack the three explorers.

In the fighting Optimus runs away and finds the warship. Then Elita one finds him. They are attacked again by a large group of spiders and Optimus and Elita attempt to escape. Optimus gets away but Elita One is trapped and presumably dead.

Cut to years later and it is Earth and it is Halloween. Optimus is afraid of spiders and along comes a spider by the name of Black Arachnia. She attacks Bumblebee, Sari and Bulkhead as they go trick-or-treating. Black Arachnia captures Sari and there is a showdown with Optimus. Black Arachnia wants Sari’s Allspark key. She wants it so she can purge herself of the organics. She wants to do this because she is really Elita One and was transformed into a techno-organic transformer. It was a good episode overall.