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Cali Lewis Commercial

I was in Sulphur Louisiana and I was watching TV and updating my blogs. I really wasn’t watching but rather it was background noise. But then something came on that got my attention. I noticed a commercial come on for Go Daddy.com and it featured Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.tv.

I applaud Go Daddy.com for doing a tasteful commercial with a real person talking about using Go Daddy.com. The company is a good company but the T & A commercials on the Super Bowl kinda turned me off form the idea of using the company for something serious. I learned more about Go Daddy.com from the GeekBrief.tv podcasts. I don’t know if it was a regional commercial but I was very excited to see Cali Lewis on TV. She makes a great spokesperson for Go Daddy.com. I bought my domain names www.benspark.com and www.wiredkayaker.com through Go Daddy.com and I used GeekBrief.tv’s promo codes GB1 to buy that domain name.

It was really cool to see Cali on a TV commercial. I can’t say enough good stuff about GeekBrief.tv and Cali as the host. GeekBrief.tv is about the best podcast on iTunes. It is entertaining and fun to watch. Subscribe to GeekBrief.tv as soon as you can.

Making some changes

I am making some changes to my blogs. I have just recently purchased two domain names and hosting service. I am going to be moving my BenSpark Blog to that hosting service. About three days ago I bought www.benspark.com and www.wiredkayaker.com from GoDaddy.com. I had heard about GoDaddy.com through GeekBrief.tv and used their coupon codes to get some money off my order. Last night I was called by a representative of GoDaddy.com to ask me how I liked the service so far. I kept that guy on the phone for a good half hour, asking all sorts of questions and through it I picked up privacy for my domains. After I got off the phone I signed up for hosting through the Metropolis site (a GoDaddy.com company for hosting). I had my new blog set up through WordPress and now I am going to begin making that blog better and better. It won’t be up for about a month as I have much work to do on it. But when it is time I will announce it all over.