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WebSite: FuelMyBlog – Stage #2

FuelMyBlog is innovating again. The site will undergo another great transformation i the coming weeks. Here are some of the great features that we can soon expect from FMB:

  • 21 Categories – More variety and focus
  • Quick/Advanced search facility – that will help you locate blogs and should do what we set up the site for, reading blogs of interest easier.
  • Click and read everyone’s new posts, live.
  • Fast loading of each page
  • Better forum
  • The radio show we keep promising!
  • User accounts – see who has voted for you are reciprocate if you think they deserve it, making a real community.
  • Controlled voting
  • Fuel blog to have many writers including some guest writers
  • Unique must-have world leading blog tool.

I am really looking forward to the new changes and also the increased awareness that this site is bringing to the blogging community. I am very glad to be a Mod on the Fuel My Blog Forum.

Making some changes

I am making some changes to my blogs. I have just recently purchased two domain names and hosting service. I am going to be moving my BenSpark Blog to that hosting service. About three days ago I bought www.benspark.com and www.wiredkayaker.com from GoDaddy.com. I had heard about GoDaddy.com through GeekBrief.tv and used their coupon codes to get some money off my order. Last night I was called by a representative of GoDaddy.com to ask me how I liked the service so far. I kept that guy on the phone for a good half hour, asking all sorts of questions and through it I picked up privacy for my domains. After I got off the phone I signed up for hosting through the Metropolis site (a GoDaddy.com company for hosting). I had my new blog set up through WordPress and now I am going to begin making that blog better and better. It won’t be up for about a month as I have much work to do on it. But when it is time I will announce it all over.