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Eva’s Fourth Hair Donation

Before Evas Haircut

Today Eva had her hair cut. She has been looking forward to doing this for a while. She had to keep it long for her recital this past weekend. It has been her plan all along to get it cut short for the Summer. She has done this several times before. Each time she donates her hair to an organization. The organization is called Children with Hair Loss. She has donated to them a few times out of her four total donations. Of the various organizations this one seems to be the best.

This time Eva had her hair cut in an asymmetrical way. This is the first time for this type of cut for her and it looks really nice. I’m very proud of her.

Evas New Haircut

See You Later Alligator

Andrew Attitude
Photo-A-Day #4080

Today was Andrew’s C-Ya Later Alligator program. At the end of the year for the 3 Year Old program there is a program called C-Ya Later Alligator. This is a way to celebrate the kids and their moving on to the next step. I took Andrew to school and found out that there would be no video of the program because there wasn’t enough interest. So, I headed back home and got my cameras so that I could make a recording to share with the parents. The program was a nice one and we enjoyed it very much.

Later in the afternoon we went to dinner and then to get Eva from her haircut. She has done hair donations twice before. We are so proud that she has done this so many times. She loves being able to do this.

Eva Hair Donation

When we returned home there was a box waiting for me from Netflix and DreamWorks Animation. These items are promotional items that were sent to me for free. I did a review of the new Voltron show and will likely do another once I re-watch all the episodes with the kids. They are loving the show so far. We just got to episode three where I was able to do additional voice recording as the voice of Shiro.