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Pie Face Showdown – Father vs Son Edition!

Pie Face Showdown - Father and Son
Photo-A-Day #4265

Hasbro sent us the new Pie Face Showdown for free to play with and review. This is part of my #PlayLikeHasbro series. We had a great time and opinions are our own.

Smacking someone in the face with a shipped cream pie is as hilarious now as it always was. Now Hasbro has a few different versions of their popular game Pie Face. We checked out Pie Face Showdown where you go head to head with a family member, friend or rival.Each person taps their side of the game and that moves the hand towards their opponent. Whoever gets their hand over to their rival first ends up launching a handful of whipped cream in their face.Andrew and I had so much fun messing around with this game, especially covering each other’s faces with Whipped Cream. Lots of laughs with this game. You can see in our video below.

Review: Playing a Better Mouse Trap

Eva moving her Mouse around the board

We were sent a copy of the new Mouse Trap game from Hasbro Gaming to check out and review. Our opinions are 100% our own.

Fresh from Hasbro Gaming is a completely updated Mouse Trap board game. When I was a kid there were a few friends who had this game. We did not and that is probably why I wanted to play it whenever I was with friends. The same went for Hungry Hungry Hippos. So it is a funny coincidence that in the new Mouse Trap game a hungry hippo is a key piece of the whole Rube Goldbergian machine. Don’t know who Rube Goldberg is, well he designed elaborate machines to perform simple tasks. Think: the contraptions at Doc Brown’s lab in Back to the Future, the one what opened the dog food for Einstein. That is what the game of Mouse Trap is like. Continue reading Review: Playing a Better Mouse Trap