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Ayyy! You Want Me to Fix Your Can-Am?

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Photo-A-Day #2541

I’m a big fan of the Spyder Can-Am Roadster. I was excited to see that Transformers put one of them out for the Movie line. I love how this bike looks and have wanted to road test one for some time. They even looked for super fans and bloggers a year or so ago. I wish I had known about it and would have certainly tried to go for that. Continue reading Ayyy! You Want Me to Fix Your Can-Am?

Birthday Burger at Patriot Place

Patriot Place
Photo-A-Day #2189

Today I had a little minor surgery on my back. I’m good, the only thing I felt was the local. While the doctor was working on me there was no pain and it wasn’t till much later tonight I felt anything. It was a cyst removal and they offered to let me see it after it was removed but I declined. I feel that I just didn’t need to see that. Not that you needed to read about that either. Continue reading Birthday Burger at Patriot Place