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Groot and the Loot

Photo-A-Day #3578

Playing more with my new 85mm lens for the NX1. I didn’t get to take any snow pictures today but when I got to work I put my special edition Funko Pop Groot figure that glows in the dark on top of my new Loot Crate box. I am still really enjoying the sharpness of that 85mm lens. The Groot figure is also pretty photogenic. In the background I have a Skylanders Tree Rex figure and then some Skylanders candy and a water color done by David “Mex” Hernandez of me as a a little kid along with Little Schmidtty, comedian Mike Schmidt. But all that stuff is sufficiently blurred because the depth of field on this lens is sick.


Photo-A-Day #3561

In addition to buying all the Big Hero 6 Funko Pop figures I also picked up Rocket and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. These guys look great together. I’ve really been enjoying the Funko Pop Vinyl figures lately. I did end up buying a bunch of them at one time so we’re pretty overloaded with them. I even wrote up a post for Cooper & Kid all about Funko figures.