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Smash Hawk – A Marvel Super Hero Mashers Creation

My Marvel MashUp is Smash-Hawk

We received a couple of new Marvel’s Super Hero Machers to play with and talk about. Here’s what we thought.

We received two characters, Marvel’s Hawkeye and The Hulk. Super Hero Mashers are being sold as a single character or a single character with a Battle Upgrade. The Hulk was a Battle Upgrade figure and the upgrade was a missile launcher and a large shield like glove. Hawkeye was a single figure and he came with his bow. there are going to be 13 figures released in wave 1 which will include Spider-Man, Captain America and more. There will be 7 Battle Upgrade figures including Venom, Thor and The Hulk. When Wave 2 comes out the Battle Upgrade characters will come with additional arms.

I decided to combine Hawkeye with The Hulk in a very small way. I removed the lower legs to make him very short and kept the bow. I also used the shield and the Hulk’s right hand. I’m not sure how he’s going to pull the bow string, though. Continue reading Smash Hawk – A Marvel Super Hero Mashers Creation