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Perplexed Maze

Photo-A-Day #3461

As I was watching TV tonight I kept looking at one of our Perplexus puzzles. It is a maze in a ball that you have to try and get a tiny ball bearing to go through many obstacles. I kept looking at it and thinking, that would be a fun thing to shoot with my macro lens. It would be tough because the outside of the toy is a clear plastic ball. So there is a very soft look to this image because of that. It is also hard to get in and take a macro of something inside something else that is curved. So I tried and this was what I ended up with.

Enjoying the Children’s Museum in Easton

Photo-A-Day #2875

Since it is school vacation week and we didn’t end up going anywhere we decided to do some fun little day trips. Today we went a couple of town over to Easton to the Children’s Museum in Easton. The museum is located in a old firehouse, has three floors full of fun hands on exhibits and more. We got there nice and early so it wasn’t too crazy when we arrived. The kids headed straight to the ship to play. They were having a great time on it too. All the parts of the ship were labeled and there was even a bucket that they could fill with lobsters and crabs and raise and lower on and off the ship. Continue reading Enjoying the Children’s Museum in Easton