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Time to Clean Again

Time to Clean the Office
Photo-A-Day #4353

The weather is starting to brighten, well except for that looming snowstorm, and we are once again thinking about moving. So, I have to get the office in shape again so that we can show the house. That will be kind of hard since I have to take down the lights and all my Skylanders boxes. I am going to cut the tops off each on to make a backdrop for my videos.

Built from Bricks LEGO Hands Challenge video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmXl3KdE1ow&t=126s

I got a new shirt from Ript Apparel. It is Ash from Evil Dead as a LEGO figure. I bought the shirt but I am an affiliate of Ript Apparel and you can pick up some of their exclusive shirts through my affiliate link.

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I Feel Safe Here

Photo-A-Day #2311

So, since we moved in Oliver has spent the bulk of his time in the basement. He’s found his way up into the floor joists to hide. For hours on end he’ll stay in this one spot only getting down to take care of business. I did coax him up for a while but all he did was walk around and screech. Duncan has adjusted better but he screeches when he can’t see you.

Neurotic cats.