I Feel Safe Here

Photo-A-Day #2311

So, since we moved in Oliver has spent the bulk of his time in the basement. He’s found his way up into the floor joists to hide. For hours on end he’ll stay in this one spot only getting down to take care of business. I did coax him up for a while but all he did was walk around and screech. Duncan has adjusted better but he screeches when he can’t see you.

Neurotic cats.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Safe Here”

  1. Take it from me, a true Crazy Cat Lady, they’ll get used to it. How long it takes depends on the cat. We moved a little over a month ago with five cats. For some, they adjusted in a few days, others, it took longer. The ride to the new house in the car was probably the hardest on them, I never met a cat who actually liked being pout in the carrier to ride in the car. They somehow know that most car trips end up at the vet.

    As long as they know where their food, water, and litter boxes are, the best advice is to just leave them alone as much as possible and let them venture out, sniff around, and get used to things. Just make sure there is no way for them to escape from the house, we had to deal with that last week with Pumpkin. He’s having the most difficult time adjusting to our move.

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