Building Eva’s House

Photo-A-Day #2310

As a father, one of the things that I looked forward to was building Eva a dollhouse. Even if it was just a pre-made one that was plastic and then assembled, doesn’t matter, I wanted to build it for her. Well, I was not home when it arrived and Allison built it. Cut to today, we bought Eva a Dollhouse bookcase and I got to build it. I can’t wait till she sees it and put her favorite books into the case. That will be very special.

So, everything is moved into the new house, the one thing left at the condo is the vacuum, I left it for my sister to use. It was pretty satisfying to get everything out of the condo and over to the new house. I think I overdid it a bit though and didn’t feel quite right tonight so I ended up out sick. I think the weeks of moving, lugging boxes and being wet from head to mid chest for weeks at a time (from sweat) caught up with me. So, an early night. I can unpack tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next……

One thought on “Building Eva’s House”

  1. Feel better, Eva’s Dada!! You have been working your fanny off so I’m not surprised you aren’t feeling well. At least you can recoup in your new home…and I know your girls will take good care of ya!! I know you want to get everything done but try and take some time to enjoy it!! Welcome Home, Bennett Family!

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