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Introducing Nintendo Labo

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit

The Nintendo Switch is such an amazing innovation in video gaming. However, it is not often that a video game platform has real world applications. The Nintendo Switch is no ordinary gaming platform. Below is a press release about the new Nintendo LABO which is a special DIY kit that you can build physical games that work with the joycons and the screen. One of the kits even transforms you into a robot and as you move the robot on the screen does too. It is a cool way to use the technology of the Nintendo Switch in such a great way.

Nintendo has put together a preview video to show people these new toys or toycons that you can make and then use with the Nintendo Switch. You can watch that below and then read the full press release below that and if you want to purchase these toys I have links to where you can pre-order them.

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NEW Nickelodeon Show, Sunny Day, Launches Today

Sunny Day

A brand new Nickelodeon show for Pre-Schoolers premieres today. the show is called Sunny Day and it revolves around 10-year-old master stylist, Sunny, who runs her own hair salon. This show is a must see for any child who dreams of running her own business someday. The show will even have a live-action hair tutorial that teaches a style from the episode. However, this isn’t all about hair and fashion and the like. The show has an underlying educational components like creative problem solving, celebrating individuality and self-expression. the show also has a social-emotional curriculum that highlights leadership, innovative thinking and teamwork. You can get a glimpse of this show in the trailer below and see the actual show today.

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