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How Do I make Money with SocialSpark?

The number 1 question that I get from bloggers who are just starting with SocialSpark is how they can make money. Well first thing you need to do is get your blog claimed and verified. So if you haven’t done that yet you need to check out my tutorial on How to Claim your Blog on SocialSpark. So, once you get that taken care of it is time to make some cash.

First you need to see what opportunities are out there for you.

Where do you go?

SocialSpark Marketplace

Step 1: Mouse Over on Marketplace
Step 2: Select Browse Opportunities from the drop down menu

From here you will default to the Qualified tab, this lists out all the opps that you as a blogger qualify for. This is everything, Sponsored posts, Blog Sponsorships, Cost Per Click and Affiliates. The only thing not listed here are the Sparks because everyone can take any Spark (even though some people try and impose qualifications which is wrong and not in the spirit of Sparks).

There are so many opps

SocialSpark All Opps

Sorting through all the possible ways to make money on SocialSpark can be daunting, especially for a new user. But the tabs make navigation very easy. You can see all of the opportunities available because you have the option of requesting a slot in any campaign. We’ll go into how to go about requesting a slot in an opp. So what types of opps are there?

Sponsored Posts

SocialSpark Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are some of the most effective ways to make money with SocialSpark. You write a post 50 – 200+ words for a set amount of money. Your blog post gets approved and you get paid. It is very important to write well thought out posts and really give it your best. This means grammar and punctuation and doing what is asked by the advertiser. This does not mean that you have to write a sugary coated love-fest post praising something that you don’t beleive in, no you have the right to write whatever you choose.

Blog Sponsorships

SocialSpark Blog Sponsorships

Sometimes advertisers want to sponsor an entire blog for a set number of days. What this means is that if you take a blog sponsorship when someone comes to your blog they will see a pop up screen before your blog loads. This screen will have the advertisers’ campaign on it and your readers will see it decide if they want to read more about this or continue on to your blog. You get paid the set amount each day that the sponsorship is on your blog.


SocialSpark Affiliates

I really like the Affiliate section of SocialSpark because how much you make is really in your court. You can sign up for an affiliate program and promote it using the ad units that are available. This includes text links, Facebook links, twitter links, and banner ads. You could post a link to Twitter or Facebook, you could write a post about the product or service and include text links, you could add banners to your blog. There are just so many things that you can do to promote the products or services. And with each sale or action you receive some money. For example I am an affiliate for XShot and with each sale of an XShot that originates through my links I am paid $3.90. That is a pretty decent payout


SocialSpark CPC

Similar to the Affiliate program the Cost Per Click opportunities give you various Ad units to use. However with Cost Per Click you are paid when someone clicks the link that you post through your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. You can do a pretty decent amount of money by posting a few links in various places.


SocialSpark Sparks

Sparks are opportunities that other bloggers create for free and anyone withing SocialSpark is free to take the Spark. I encourage bloggers new to the system and who are waiting for their blogs to be verified to take Sparks, make friends and build up their readership. A great way to do this is with BlogUBack Sparks. This means that if you take a Spark and write the blog post that is a BlogUBack type then you will get a link back to your blog from the originating blogger. A great way to build links and get your name out there to other bloggers.

So I hope that this has give you a better understanding on how to make money at SocialSpark. If you have any questions please let me know.

Social Spark adds CPC to their lineup of services

SocialSpark offers CPC

Today Ted Murphy announced that CPC is now working on SocialSpark. It is not yet available for everyone to use but that is coming within mere days. More tests need to be run but it appears that for now it is working fine.

If you are a blogger and you are on SocialSpark be on the lookout for a brand new option in the Brows opportunities section it is a fuchsia tab that says CPC. That is where you are going to find all the new CPC opps.

For advertisers you can get started with CPC on SocialSpark right away, here is the documentation to learn more about it.