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Pink Sky At Night

Eva Photographing
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01383

Tonight after dinner Eva asked if she could go outside and photograph the sky. Of course, if she is interested in taking photos I am always encouraging that. It also gave me an excuse to go outside and take some photos as well.

pink sky

this is what she was looking at.


I then took a photo looking at the sky across the way as it was also very pretty. I took the opportunity to frame it against the leaves on the tree that look pretty as well.

Fun with the Polaroid Cube+

Polaroid Cube Plus
Photo-A-Day #4382

I took the Polaroid Cube+ out for a spin today and I can already think of some fun applications for it. I’m thinking of how we can incorporate using it in Built From Bricks. It can certainly find the tight spots that I can’t get into with the full size camera. I like that it has a magnet on it and I can stick it anywhere. although I probably won’t be sticking it to rusty pipes anymore. I’m still pulling rust off the magnet.

Thanks again Mantripping.com for the fun Twitter Party.