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Fun with the Polaroid Cube+

Polaroid Cube Plus
Photo-A-Day #4382

I took the Polaroid Cube+ out for a spin today and I can already think of some fun applications for it. I’m thinking of how we can incorporate using it in Built From Bricks. It can certainly find the tight spots that I can’t get into with the full size camera. I like that it has a magnet on it and I can stick it anywhere. although I probably won’t be sticking it to rusty pipes anymore. I’m still pulling rust off the magnet.

Thanks again Mantripping.com for the fun Twitter Party.

My Polaroid Haul

Polaroid Haul
Photo-A-Day #4381

A couple of months ago I won a Polaroid Prize Pack from a Twitter party hosted by Mantripping.com. The prize pack consisted of a Polaroid Zip printer, a Polaroid Cube+ and a Polaroid Snaptouch camera. These are really cool and I think that they will be a lot of fun on the upcoming trip to New Hampshire for Spring Break. It will also be fun to bring these along to Philly Brickfest Live. The Polaroid Cube+ can Livestream so that will be interesting to use at some point while filming built From Bricks or for something else. I’m not sure exactly how to use everything yet, but I will.

Filming today’s video was an absolute mess. Well, afterwards it was a mess. I was opening the Polaroid Snaptouch and it slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor. I think it still works but part of it popped open and it wasn’t the part that is supposed to open. hopefully it will still work. Then, after I took today’s photo I knocked over the new light that stays behind me when I make videos and I shattered the lightbulb. I’ve got to go and order a new one. That smashed real good.