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Flamingos at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Flamingos at Roger Williams Park Zoo
Photo-A-Day #1450

Today Allison and I took Eva to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island. We made use of our new Zoo New England membership which got us free reciprocal admission to the zoo. Getting this membership was a great idea, there are so many zoos that we can go including Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo and our very own Capron Park Zoo.

I took a ton of photos at the zoo and uploaded them to Flickr, they have captions but no descriptions and they were not edited except for the photo above. That one was edited and cropped like I normally do my daily photo. I’ve been taking so many photos lately including all the ones from Last Night’s Speed of Thought Players Show. I really like the Sigma 70mm – 300mm with Macro lens. My 28mm – 70mm lens is tough, it is somehow loose and not making the connection.

Today Allison put Eva’s hair in little pony tails. She looked adorable. Here she is showing off the new ‘do.

Say Cheese!

It was so funny today because Eva has been walking around the house saying “animas” for like 3 days. So this morning when I picked her up out of bed that was the first thing she said. She knew that we were going to visit the zoo. We made the whole thing an event. We got Eva dressed up in her new clothes from Mimi, we took her to Dairy Queen (minus letting her have the cone to herself) and all the time we were at Dairy Queen Eva went back and forth saying “animas” and “cited!”. She was so ready. So drove to Roger Williams, about a 45 minute trip with traffic. Eva fell asleep. She was so out of it that when Allison took her out of the car and put her int he stroller she went and feel right back asleep. She woke up when we were in the Giraffe House. Allison and I were watching the baby giraffe and then looked down to see Eva sitting right up looking and pointing. She was so excited. She wasn’t kidding.