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Family Adventure Day at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Photo-A-Day #3036

This Summer we’ve designated Wednesdays as family adventure days. We go and get out of the house to enjoy something. Today we had to go and get Eva’s uniforms for school and the place to get any uniform for schools around her is Donnelly’s. We figured that while we were down that way we’d hit up the Roger Williams Park Zoo for the afternoon.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo is a nice zoo. They have very large animals and some very small ones. There are Elephants and Giraffes and they are a big draw. The Giraffes are Eva’s favorite animals there. There is a house where they are washed and treated. The house is also used for education. We try and read all of the signage around the zoo to familiarize Eva with where the animals are from and other interesting facts.

We had a nice day at the zoo and it was a gear up to Eva’s upcoming Zoocademy camp. She’s going to have such a fun time and once she’s done she’s going to know so much about our zoo. Continue reading Family Adventure Day at Roger Williams Park Zoo

On Momma’s Head I Might be Able to Touch a Kneecap

On Momma's Head I Might be Able to Touch a Kneecap
Photo-A-Day #1583

Aren’t my ladies lovely? I am heading in Affiliate Summit East for the next couple of days and it is the first time I have done any independent travel since October. So before the big trip I wanted to do a nice day with the family. We headed over to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island. Our Zoo New England family passes have paid for themselves 10 times over with the trips we have done this year. We had a wonderful morning at the zoo. We saw many of the animals. The snow leopards were hiding in the one spot that nobody could see them so I got no snow leopard shots. I’m going to have to go some day when it is not to hot and not too cold and just stake out the place, talk to all the zoo people I can and figure out the best times for photos.

Today was not about taking photos of the animals, it was for having fun with Allison and Eva. We both get such a kick out of the things that Eva says and how excited she is about the animals. I think she was most excited though about getting frog hand stamps at the Farm pavilion.

We came home for a short while and then headed to the Annual Wing off to raise money for the YMCA. I went last year when Allison was away on a trip with Eva. I noticed that some of the places had better wings last year but I still liked my old favorites and the ones that were awful last year were again awful this year. I’m not sure of the outcome but we had a good time. We sat at a table with some very nice couples with kids and some older couples. One of the young couples had a little boy who was almost a year old. He was smitten with Eva, I am in big trouble. Eva also enjoyed playing with him, and eating his chips.

After the wing competition we moved outside and Eva played while we listened to music. Then Eva did some dancing, which was very cute. She also wanted to play with my camera so I handed it over to her and she went to town. I took out all the ones where her fingers were over the lens but after that she got some cute ones. Here are more Eva Shots.

Well, I must finish packing. After putting all the stuff I need to give things away and to blog while I am at Affiliate Summit I’m hard pressed to find room for clothes. Yikes.