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Review: Don’t Rock the Boat

The Kids Rocking the Boat
Photo-A-Day #4746

We received the new game from PlayMonster for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own. We also have an amazon affiliate link for you to use to buy your own.

If yo are looking for a quick game with a lot of laughs then PlayMonster’s Don’t Rock the Boat is that game. It is super simple to set up and play and you can play about a dozen times in 5 minutes. The game goes especially quick with kids because they just drop the figures onto the boat and ultimately rock it and spill all the pieces off the boat.

The rules are super simple, too:

  1. Youngest player goes first
  2. Player picks a piece and puts it onto the ship
  3. Players keep repeating this until someone knocks a piece off the ship
  4. The last player to successfully place a piece on the ship without knocking anything off wins
Here was our gameplay and video review. The kids liked making up silly names for the cute penguin pieces.

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My Nephew’s Baptism

Photo-A-Day #3068

Today was my Nephew’s Baptism. I took the night off tonight so that I could go down and stay at the Cape overnight. But I worked last night so I was pretty well burnt by the time the Baptism came around. I got home, passed out on the couch with the kids, slept for an hour in the car but was not even close to ready to go. So I fell asleep during the mass. I was awake for the Baptism.

The Baptism was very nice. The priest asked the younger kids attending to help him out with the service. Eva was so proud to help out and so reverent. She was so serious. I think she’ll be an altar server when she is older. She got to put the Baptism garment on each of the three children.

We had a nice gathering after the Baptism and enjoyed spending time with family. I did have to sneak off and catch an hour of sleep though. I ended up watching an episode of Battlestar Galactica three times because I missed part of it each time by falling asleep. Continue reading My Nephew’s Baptism