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Floors Sanded

Photo-A-Day #2294

The Sandman is going to town on the new house. He and his team have sanded all the floors upstairs and down and I just recently got a shot sent to me by my Dad of the 1st coat of varnish (I’m not sure what it is that is going on the floors but when they are done they look awesome).

Today I popped over to the house after I had a telephone interview with WDIS-AM in Boston and Dan Collier. That was an interview that I had as part of the TeleNav Dads project. I am talking with a number of radio shows about the TeleNav and having a good time doing it. I’m finding that I’m using the app more and more in my daily life. It has certainly come in handy over the past few days.

The rest of the day I ran around and did some errands. I helped out Dad at my Aunt Millie’s place and also ran to Lowe’s to see about some items for the new house. Namely, new fans for upstairs and hardware to create the new closets. More Money, More Money. Yikes, welcome to home ownership.

I uploaded some more photos to the New House Set.