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Review: Safari Ltd. Sea and Swamp Dragons

Safari Limited Dragons

I love dragons. I think I have always loved these powerful fantasy creatures. Oddly, I have never played Dungeons and Dragons and I probably really would have loved playing that as a kid. I did play a bunch of games that were based on the Dungeons and Dragons rules and characters. safari Ltd. knows how to do dragons. They have some beautiful hand painted dragons and I was able to get two more of them to review. I received the Swamp Dragon and the Sea Dragon. I went and found some places to take fun shots of them with my Samsung NX300 and NX30 cameras. I was trying to find the proper environments for each of them. I did find a swampy place but as far as the Sea I’m going to have to take the Sea Dragon to the Cape this summer to take some Sea photos. I made do with a thin layer of ice for the reflection and look of water. Continue reading Review: Safari Ltd. Sea and Swamp Dragons