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A Couple of My Christmas Gifts

A Couple of Christmas gifts
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01460

On our New Year’s Day we went to church together at Sacred Heart. We ran into many old friends and had a nice chat with them. I was home from work and had the whole weekend off because of the travel changes that we had. Even though I had gotten home on Friday night and technically could have worked tonight I decided to keep the day off instead. I needed the relaxing time. In addition to last week’s adventures I have things coming up this week.

Allison did a great job on my gifts this year. she picked out two fun t-shirts including the one I am wearing in the photo and she ordered the light up sign behind me. I had asked for that one. I had seen some ads for it and figured it would be fun to add to my office space.

2 New Mystery T-Shirts from RIPT Apparel

Photo-A-Day #4373

I picked up two tshirts from RIPT Apparel for my birthday. I usually purchase my birthday presents and then Allison wraps them for me. My problem is, I see something I want and I buy it. I buy tshirts when I like the designs. I liked these two designs from RIPT Apparel and had to buy them. One for everyday and one specifically for Philly Brickfest LIVE. I can’t wait to wear my LEGO themed shirts there! So many fun ones.

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