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Team Muscle

Photo-A-Day #3698

My latest Loot Crate box was a team locker room. I’ve been experimenting with different teams. I thought to myself, what if I made a team out of the muscle from other teams. So I took all the different characters that would be considered the muscle on a team and put them all together into one team. So, in a team where everyone is the muscle, who is the one who can lead? And Why?

I would say that Panthro from the Thundercats would be the best potential leader. He’s smart, he’s experienced and was a good mentor to Lion-O. Raphael is too quick tempered. While Grimlock is the leader of the dinobots I don’t think he’d have the temperament for this team. Crusher may be a good leader and since we don’t know enough about this character to see if he’d be a good leader. Hefty Smurf seems like just a muscle head and not much in the brains category. Zeb is a good fighter but maybe not an overall leader.

I Want an 80’s Cartoon Themed Loot Crate

Photo-A-Day #3215

Loot Crate is one of the best subscription services that are out there for geeks and gamers. They are tuned in to social media as well as all things geek culture. They’ve done all sorts of themed crates but what I most want to see is an 80s Cartoon Themed crate. There are so many companies making fun geek things for 80s nostalgia. One of the companies is The Loyal Subjects. They have great Transformers and G.I. Joe figures. They should look at Red Bubble as well because of the T-Shirts and stickers that they offer.

Funko is a company that Loot Crate works with very often. I’ve gotten some fantastic Funko stuff from my Loot Crates. They have some Masters of the Universe figures, including a Papercraft He-Man and Pop Vinyl figures. They also have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Papercraft and Pop Vinyl figures.

I’m sure that there are other companies that are producing great 80s related toys, t-shirts and stickers. And I know that Loot Crate has a great team of people who can find all the best stuff. I’m just putting the suggestion out there.