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National Waffle Day 2021

National Waffle Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00815

On this National Waffle Day we had diner from a new local restaurant called The Burgundian. Prior to there being a physical location there was a food truck Now The Burgundian is located in downtown Attleboro in a location where there has been several different restaurants. I think we have tried them all over time.

Tonight was all about the waffles, though. They have all sorts of specialty waffles but my favorite is Chicken and Waffles. There was also a maple bacon one and one called In Bacon we trust with a special fig jam. Allison enjoyed that one to herself as the rest of us do not enjoy fig. They have a nice system over there and the food was ready right on time. It was hot and so good!

Chocolate Chip Bacon Waffles

Photo-A-Day #3582

Eva and Allison had a second snow day and so we decided to make waffles. A friend of mine gave me the idea of putting bacon in the middle of the waffle and the chocolate chips added to them were my idea. I was the only one who tried them that way and they were pretty good. I still prefer my bacon crispy on the side instead of inside but it was fun to try out.

I interviewed the creator of Miles from Tomorrowland today via phone. We talked all about the show and I will post up our interview very soon.

I recorded another Dad.fm podcast tonight with Adam and Jeff. We talked about my interview with Sascha Paladino and also my recent Ozobot review. The episode is up at Dad.fm

Tonight was tough because I am full on sick and the city came by around 6:45pm with snowplows and completely buried the driveways and negated the paths I made on the sidewalks. Surprise, surprise that school would be called for the next two days because sidewalks weren’t safe.