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June Loot Crate: TRANSFORM

Photo-A-Day #3361

The other day I received the June Loot Crate. I receive a Loot Crate every month and I review it. Opinions as always are 100% my own. It was mostly Transformers themed. There were a few things from MLG or Major League Gaming. As with Each Loot Crate there are things I really like and things I am not a thrilled about. I could have done without the MLG stickers and been really excited if there were some awesome Transformers stickers included.

I didn’t do a photo shoot with all the stuff this time around because I recorded an unboxing video in one take and I opened things while I did the unboxing video right before running to work so no set up shot of all the stuff. I made the video edited and uploaded it changed my shirt and went off to work.

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