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Went to See The Justice League

Justice League Day
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Today I went to see The Justice League. I went in with very few expectations. I’ve been burned before by the DC movies. Batman V. Superman was a disappointment and Man of Steel was such a departure for the character of Superman. I only saw part of Wonder Woman but that was pretty decent. So, I was a bit skeptical that this would be a good movie. Luckily Joss Whedon took on the film after Zach Snyder had to bow out for family reasons. I certainly wish the man and his family no ill will but having Joss Take over is probably the only thing that saved this movie from being a complete mess.

Despite Superman becoming a dark and brooding character in previous movies it looks like they are finally turning around his character. Superman is always a beacon of hope and light and he only really works when balanced out with a darker character like Batman. I enjoyed that the movie had much more humor in it. I liked how the team worked together to take on the bad guy and the return of Superman to the land of the living was done well. I’m sure that there were glaring issues but I enjoyed the movie overall.

Parenting and My Kids

My amazing kids
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Today was an interesting day of parenting mishaps. I am not going to say failures because each time we learn from what happens and we try our best to correct things. Let’s start with the morning. For the weeks leading up to the release of Wonder Woman I have been excited, very excited. I was excited not so much for the movie but because Eva wanted to go and see it with me. I picked her up a great Wonder Woman shirt and she had Allison do up her hair in curls. She was excited to attend a movie with Dad. I was thrilled because this was something that I enjoyed and she wanted to be a part of it. I also heard so much about the movie being empowering for girls and how Wonder Woman’s character was a great role model character.

These things are true. The thing that made this trip go sideways was the fact that my daughter is an extremely sensitive and compassionate person. The previews were for some R rated shoot em up movies, a global devastation movie and Murder on the Orient Express. She huddled in her chair afraid of the loud noises and music. Eyes closed and ears plugged. I reassured her that the previews would be over soon and we would get to the movie and it wouldn’t be as scary.

I was wrong.

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