Take the Tree Down Already

Take the Tree Down Already
Photo-A-Day #1372

Duncan relaxing on one of the dining room chairs, the bokeh of a red glass Christmas Tree decoration in the background. Duncan knows that the time has passed for this to be in the house even though he’s secretly been enjoying every minute of it. The tree comes down tomorrow.

On the homefront I think I picked up some wacky virus on my laptop. And it is constantly opening firefox browsers for ads at random times. I think I picked it up on Facebook but cannot be sure. So not I’m running AdAware and Spybot: Search and Destroy to see if that takes care of things. I ran a virus scan and it showed a trojan type virus that was deleted but as soon as I put my browser back on it was back. I’ll see what I can figure out.

13 thoughts on “Take the Tree Down Already”

  1. No doubt both Duncan and Ollie enjoyed the tree. We stopped having a tree a few years ago, because cats kept getting into it, and it was just too much to deal with. Oh, well, that’s what we get for choosing to have so many cats!

    Also, I used to be lazy about taking it down. You know you are lazy when the tannenbaum is still up on baseball season opening day. I am not making this up, this has happened here in the past.

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  2. Christine,
    We went into the room where the tree lives and it smelled great, but it is really dry, we like having it up but have to get it taken down, project for tomorrow.

    Baseball season, wow.

  3. I’ve been having the same problem with some kind of irritating virus-type thing. I did lots of scanning and uninstalling and deleting. It’s better, but still not perfect. Most irritating!

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  4. Anna,

    That is too bad. I’m going to have to bring mine to the help desk because the virus service on the laptop isn’t of any help.

  5. This worked for me…

    Turn off your auto-restore. This will prevent the virus from repeatedly copying itself back on to your computer. Then, go to CNET and download Malwarebytes . This is a great program that finds trojans and spyware that Spybot, Adaware, and Norton all miss. This worked for me.

  6. Thanks Jennifer, I will try that out, help desk folk that I have been in contact with so far aren’t that happy to see a computer come back all messed up. They get surly.

  7. Our tree is still up too although all the other decorations are down. We also have a black cat and her favorite hideout is under the tree. She will be so disappointed when it comes down.

    On your malware front, we’ve been having a rash of infections too from our traveling sales staff at work. At the office everything’s locked down but the salespeople’s laptops are wide open. I’ve seen some nasty redirect malware on Facebook and MySpace recently. wilderssecurity.com forum usually has good anti-malware info if you still need to get your computer fixed.

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  8. It’s crazy, but Duncan looks exactly like my cat. His name is Mr. Chatterbox, but he’s already 15 human years old and very sick at this moment. I’m very sad about this..

  9. I’m sorry to hear that your cat is sick. It is nice to hear that there are other cats as handsome as Duncan though. Thanks for stopping by.

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