Chinese Birthday Night

Chinese Birthday Night
Photo-a-Day #1371

Tonight we celebrated Allison’s birthday. My sister Tara coordinated everything and even picked up Chinese food from her (our) favorite restaurant, Fortune House. She got all of the favorites including Sesame Chicken, Crispy Walnut Chicken and a couple of pu pu platters. It was delicious and our table was full. The table was full, not only of food but of fun conversation, family and friends (Trooper Mike came by too). I even came away with a few fortunes that I can work with tomorrow for my 15 minutes a day blog because they have Chinese words on the back.

After dinner we had an unbelievable ice cream pie from The Ice Cream Machine. It was a Peanut Butter Cup one and it was soo good.


Allison received some nice gifts including iTunes gift cards and a gift card form the yarn store.

The boots are made for walking

Eva even received another gift, some cool clothes from Auntie Shelby including some cute boots that my Father helped put on her, and cut off the tags.

Then we showed Trooper Mike our white water rafting video from 2005. It was fun to watch those again.

12 thoughts on “Chinese Birthday Night”

  1. Thanks Theresa,
    I usually write even more about events, it has been ending up later and later each night when I can blog so I am a little short winded lately.

  2. Happy Birthday Allison! That Peanut Butter Cup Pie looks really good. That was a great capture, the second photo, with Eva looking up at your Dad like “why are you holding those scissors so close to my new shoes?” lol

  3. Elizabeth,
    I’m sure Allison appreciates the Birthday wishes. That pie was so good. So very tasty.

    I’m surprised that Eva didn’t say scissors, she is saying words every day.

  4. You celebrated Allison’s birthday on my birthday! haha I hope that she has a great day tomorrow! Looks like ya’ll had a great time and a yummy looking pie. I didn’t even bother with sweets since I still can’t taste anything.

    Lauries last blog post..Ooh la la…

  5. Glad you all had a good time, that cake looks sweet, is it thick cream with toffee/caramel chunks…? :O

  6. You really cant beat Chinese food, personally i prefer chicken chow mein and spare ribs. Any night is a good night with Chinese food 😀

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