The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Photo-A-Day #2646

Today was our last day on the Cape. We had a nice big breakfast that my Dad made. Eva loves having big breakfast on the Cape because Dad always makes her bacon and today she even snuck an early piece. Eva is sure going to miss the Cape. She went for tons of walks with Mem and Auntie Shelby and Auntie Tara. She had all sorts of snacks and spent a ton of time in the water. She’s really loving her time there.

It was a short day for me because I had to sleep part of the day before going back to work. We did go to the beach for a few hours. We got even more time int he water. It was such a nice week for going swimming. I missed one day (Monday) and that was because I was sleeping to catch up from the weekend. The kids both really enjoy the water. Andrew likes the strange salty taste and the waves, Eva loves swimming around on the giant noodles.

When we were leaving I sat Andrew by the flowers. Years ago we did this with Eva. They look so much alike it is scary.