Uncooperative Cows

Uncooperative Cows
Photo-A-Day #1565

Things are looking much brighter today than yesterday despite the gloomy weather outside. Today when I picked up Eva from my Aunt Corrine’s house I saw that the cows were out in the pasture across the street. I’ve tried and tried to catch these cows ever since I totally missed a fantastic opportunity about a year ago when I drove by and saw the cows out in the snow. Their breath making steam as they chewed up whatever shoots they could find, some had the lightly fallen snow on their heads and noses and the scene was idyllic. I’ve come across many scenes like this when I am without my camera.

There was another time where I was driving to work and I looked over at a small island and saw a small deer on the tip of the island bending to take a drink, it was early in the morning and the mist was everywhere. I was on the opposite side of the road on a highway with no way to get back to take the show. So I used a little trick that I learned from Ben Barnhart, who talked at work. As he was growing up he didn’t always have money for film so his father told him to take a mental picture. But his father wasn’t just telling him something to shut him up about lack of film, he meant take a real mental picture. Look at the scene, frame it in your mind and capture that one perfect shot. The photographer said that because of that practice of taking mental pictures his physical photography improved. I’ve tried to do that at times when I’ve had a camera and not had a camera. Just stop frame a shot and snap it there in my mind. I can still see those cows in the field and that deer on that island.

9 thoughts on “Uncooperative Cows”

  1. Excellent pictures of cows, calves do not regret it nicely. I just started taking pictures when get good pictures always placed in the blog.

  2. They may be cooperative or non-cooperative cows but I love cow milk very much & also sweets made of cow milk, so tasty.

  3. The cows in front of Aunt Corrine’s do make for some peaceful scenes. If I think about it I have some good “mental pictures” of those cows from when I was building their house.Well they are probably not the same cows but it was still peaceful. Sometimes it is just as meaningful to slow down and enjoy that mental picture rather than rush to capture a photo.

  4. Dad,
    I imagine you had some fantastic mental pictures from those early mornings building that house, especially when the neighborhood was less built up. There are some new cows out there, Corrine pointed out a couple of calves that had been born. Great advice there too.

  5. When we were in Texas and visited OK to see the bison and longhorns, it was difficult to get the pictures of them looking up and around. Apparently when your food is on the ground, that’s where your face is!
    .-= Look at what Alli wrote blog ..Just keep moving =-.

  6. Alli,
    So very true. I have this one bison shot that I took from my car at Yellowstone. It was walking right at my car. Very cool shot. From way back in my buzznet days.

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