Update on the Breakdown

Well, looks like my car has to have the engine control module replaced. Luckily I bought the extended warranty at the time I got the car and this is covered. I waited for a call from the Honda Dealership and one came later in the day to say I needed new brakes (which I knew was coming, 75,000 miles and this is the first brake replacement). And they said that the car was running. Sounds good. Then I got a call later to find out that they had gotten the car to “act up” for them. And that is when they foud that the engine control module needed to be replaced. Unfortunately that can’t be done till tomorrow. Luckily the Honda Dealership got me a rental for he next four days for free. Good deal. So I am driving a Silver Jetta that has some kick to it and a funky smell. Good thing it is gonna sit in a parking garage for the next three days. Our driveway now looks like a Volkswagon dealership for real now. (With 5 of them.)

Tonight Allison and I looked at another condo in the same building complex as the one we saw yesterday. This one had a finished third floor and tile in the kitchen. Nice place.