Last night Dad and I went to see Uncle Richard in the hospital. He’s been there now about 2 1/2 weeks. He is still heavily sedated but he is looking better overall. He’s got some color coming back to his face and he is initiating the breathing machine to do the work. He was also opening his eyes and moving his feet when he saw that we were there. His pulse increased and his breathing also increased. He was aware that we were there and talking to him. He’s probably very frustrated that he cannot communicate with us. He still needs more prayers for a healthy recovery.

My Grandmother Theresa is also in a hospital facility recuperating. She could use some prayers also. Thank you.

Our friends Steve and Erin have a new baby girl. Kathleen Erin, who was born on the 28th. Allison and I are looking forward to seeing them to congratulate them.

I just gave the Holiday Inn our second deposit yesterday. And I’m calling them today to get another block of rooms reserved. My Mom called yesterday and all they had left was a smoking room. I have no idea why there were any smoking rooms in our block in the first place.

Heading to NH this weekend to celebrate Marcia’s graduation. Looking forward to a nice BBQ and good times. Then Sunday we are going to Portsmouth to see Joe and Jenn for lunch and they are giving us Buffett Tickets. So well will get to see Jimmy this year. June 20th Baby!