Wednesday’s TV Recap

Last night Allison and I watched some good TV.

Allison is jumping in here in pink with her thoughts on Wednesday’s line up, too. Let us know if you like the He Said/She Said format. Maybe we’ll do it occasionally.

Bones: (Glad that World Series is over). We finally got to see Angela and Hodgens go out on a date. Why is Angela pushing him away? They are so good together and he clearly likes her very much. He gave her the best date ever and she was upset. I think that she feels responsible for the death of her past boyfriend and doesn’t want to get to close to anyone. Maybe not so much responsible but she may feel that she didn’t spend enough time with her previous boyfriend and she doesn’t want to go through the loss of another boyfriend again. The “because we work together” thing is lame, there is something deeper there.

Bones: I think Angela is a little hesitant to jump into a relationship with Hodgens because her last boyfriend was murdered, and, if I recall correctly, he wasn’t really honest with her about a lot of things – and she’s probably afraid of getting hurt. I think it has the potential to be really awkward with them working together since they work so closely at the Smithsonian. The tension between them makes for great television though!

Lost: This was a Eko-centric episode and *spoiler*: It looks like it will be the last one too. Why the heck did they kill off Eko, his story is unfinished and is very interesting. Did he go to London, did he meet up with another Lostie there? Is Juliet actually helping Jack? Are we making way for new Lostie woman and new Lostie man? Who are they and what is their story, are they a couple? I loved seeing the return of John Locke as a leader with clear direction. Why did the guy on the TV set look like Spangler from Malcolm in the Middle? All in all it was a good episode and I liked seeing more backstory on Eko.

Lost: I think the new Losties are a couple, it will be interesting to learn more about them. For the time being, I find her annoying! And Drew is right, the guy on the TV set looked like Spangler. This was a great episode. The end just left me staring blankly. I couldn’t even come up with a reaction.

The Nine: Did you really think that they would say Eva had something to do with the robbery. No thank you. I get a kick out of Egan and I want to know more about Lucas and the daughter of the Bank Manager. I was happy to see Malcolm stand up for what is right. There is a lot of courage in that man and it will be brought out in further episodes. I like seeing the Wings guy in a tougher role, flawed but tougher. I like him better on The Nine than I had on Wings.

The Nine: I’m loving this show. I really feel like the viewer can relate to Felicia – she knows very little of the events of the 52 hours they were trapped in the bank and neither do we, since the show is taking place after the hostage situation ended. I, too, am happy that Malcolm is doing the right thing. He’s a good man. I do have to say that I don’t love Franny. I think she’s kind of annoying and I feel like she’s holding something back. Shady.