Weeding out the webcomics

Time to do another housecleaning on the webcomics. This time I am tossing out Make with the Funny. It hasn’t updated since April and was inconsistent before that.

Make with the Funny

Starslip/Starship Crisis. I try but cannot follow this, it is not funny and a real waste of my time.

StarSlip Crisis

The Mows, just not funny anymore.

The Mows

I haven’t found any other ones that I enjoy reading except for one called Candi about a art student who would rather draw cartoons and comics than what her professor calls “art”.


A couple of the ones I read daily are having little hiatuses. Girls with Slingshots and Crap I drew on my Lunch Break and Life On Pause fall into that category.

Anybody out there reading a decent webcomic that has a good archive of content?