Weekend Party #1 Recap

Here is a recap in pictures of Lindsay’s graduation party last night.

Lindsay and Allison

Lindsay’s graduation gift, a Karaoke Machine

They even had a bubble machine.

Lindsay and Cindy doing Karaoke.

Lindsay graduated from graduate school yesterday and last night there was a party at her place in Malden. Lots of snacks and drinks and good people. There was even karaoke. Lindsay’s friends got her a machine but played it off like they bought the machine for Cindy. Lindsay has a great voice and does karaoke often, so it is a perfect gift for her.

On the way home we stopped at a McDonalds in Lawrence. The poor guys working the drive thru… There was a car full of, guys, who spent about 20 minutes shouting directions to the ordering box. And since it was the late night menu there were some things missing. And they kept ordering things not on the late night menu then would get mad. Anyway we were entertained by these guys for the first 5 minutes.

Car pulls up, past the box. Back door opens.

Driver: “Three quarter pounders with cheese, yo!”

Drive-thru guy (DTG): “No cheese”

Driver: “Pfft, what! No cheese!”

DTG: “We ran out of cheese.”

Driver: “Yo, yo , yo okay, three quarter pounders.”

Back Seat Guy (BSG): “No pee-ckles, yo!”

Front Seat Guy (FSG): “On two of them”

Driver: “Yeah no pee-ckles on two of them.”

FSG: “And one with just ketchup and mayonnaise.”

Driver: “Yeah one with ketchup and mayonnaise.”

DTG: “Three quarter pounders”

Driver: “No, no, two quarter pounders…”

BSG: “With no pee-ckles!”

Driver: “Yeah with no pee-ckles!”

DTG: “Three quarter pounders, two with no pickles…”

Driver: “No! One with only ketchup, mayonnaise and lettuce.”

The accurate order display now shows 3 quarter pounders with no pickles, and one quarter pounder with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Driver: “Yo! This box is wrong, get rid of one of those!”

The accurate order box removes the quarter pounder with just ketchup and mayonnaise.

Driver: “No, two quarter pounders…”

BSG: “and no cheese!”

Driver: “… with no pee-ckles, and one with.”

FSG: “Just ketchup and mayonnaise, yo!”

Finally the box shows the right order.

DTG: “Is that everything?”

Driver: “Yeah!”

DTG: “Drive around”

BSG: “Yo, we wants drinks and fries too!”

DTG: “Drive Around”

So they pull around and we pull up, give our order, in clear English and under the 20 minute mark, and then pull around. And the guys missed the window again. But this time they backed up, and were finishing their order, fries, yo, and cokes, yo. Then they argue over the price. “$10.00! What!” BSG shouts, “Hook me up with chicken selects, yo!” It makes sense that you would try and finagle free food after you just nearly gave the window guy an aneurysm with the initial order and then arguing about the final price.

Finally they got their order and took off. And then we got ours and headed onwards to Manchester.

Word to yo’ peeps, yo!