Weekend Party #2 Recap

On Saturday Allison and I went to Marcia’s graduation. I took a video of the entire ceremony except for the last five minutes because the battery was getting low on the camera and I needed to take some still shots after the ceremony.

After the graduation we all went back to Dan and Marcia’s for a BBQ. A couple of folks from the school came over and then Barbara and Frank, Nate and Sarah, and Megan came over followed by Alicia and Ken and then Marcin and Matt came later also. So did Debbie and Dana and Olivia and Dan. Dan fired up the grill and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. Allison made her pasta salad and we had ice cream cake for dessert. We were up pretty late. I was beat tired so I went to bed early. My timing couldn’t have been any more perfect as I missed some of the more colorful guests appearances.

On Sunday we were all in recovery mode. Allison and I did not end up going to Portsmouth for Lunch with Joe and Jen. We did however get the chance to catch up with Meghan for lunch in Merrimack and then we got to check out her condo. Nice place. Bill was there and we hung out and chatted and checked out the remodeling progress that Meghan and Bill have been making.

We headed home and picked up Allison’s car from work. We each got home safe and took a quick nap before church. After church we headed over to my Cousin Shaun’s High School graduation party. After that we hit the supermarket, CVS and Blockbuster (to return Without a Paddle). So by the time we got home, put in the air conditioner, flipped the mattress and remade the bed, it was late and I took a very lame photo-a-day. I’ll find some better subject matter for today.