Who Turned on the Heat?

Who Turned on the Heat?
Photo-A-Day #1423

A surefire way to make a blogger stressed out is to have their blog go down, especially after they’ve written a pretty sweet post. We’ll that is what happened to me last night. I was monkeying around with my blog at 11:00pm. Here’s a hint, don’t go making changes to major settings that late at night unless you are willing to forgo sleep either by fixing your mistake or tossing and turning all night thinking about that mistake.

So last night I thought, hey I haven’t gotten anything done on my action list but I did write a few posts why don’t I tackle that site redirect thing for I’m Not A Famous Blogger. I think I now know my mistake. I got rid of the blog I’m Not A Famous blogger and then tried to redirect that domain name to the About page here. I tried that in a few places through my GoDaddy tools, however I put my blog in some sort of crazy infinite loop.

Pulling over to stop for directions.

I finally put a ticket in for help from GoDaddy last night around 11:30pm and went to bed. I actually did not toss and turn as I expected I would, I was pretty tired and I knew that somehow this would all be fixed. I woke up and thought to myself that what I need to do is reset everything and it will all be fixed. Well, I tried that last night and I had forgotten the .htaccess file. Sure enough it was all wonky. I uploaded an older version of the file from before the monkeying around. I thought the fix would be instantaneous and it wasn’t so I was again fired up. I tried everything I could do before we left for church. Then we came home and went right back out again to shop for the week’s groceries. It wasn’t until much later after that when I went back online and was very surprised to see that I had comments on my posts. That meant that the posts could now be seen.

Lesson Learned

Sometimes things work themselves out. You just need to set in motion the right set of events and see what happens. When you obsess over every little issue you cannot step back and see the larger picture in front of you. Also, a good night’s sleep works lets you see things from a different perspective.

What about GoDaddy?

I didn’t hear from them yet. Not mad, no judgment just the facts.

8 thoughts on “Who Turned on the Heat?”

  1. Now that your blog is fixed you really should get an electronic thermostat to save money. It only takes about 5 minutes to install, is more accurate,and will pay for itself in one winter.

    lennys last blog post..happy ducks

  2. Hey Drew. Yeah, I feel like a bum because during my late-night escapades I got on to get the links for those iPhone plugins for WP and your blog was down. I ended up going to Google Cache to get the links from a cached version of your page. By the way, have you done a post on how you setup your photo booth? I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on there or your steps to your setup. Thanks for another good read.

  3. RT,
    I totally screwed up my blog this weekend and that bugged me most because I had written that really good iPhone post. I’ll have to tweet it today.

    The photobooth setup will be posted after the event, there are some very special things I am doing and I want the idea and implementation of the event to be a surprise for everyone. So wait for it March 14 or 15.

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