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That Voice Again

That Voice Again
Photo-A-Day #1546

After the crazy amount of rain that we received today it was nice to get down to the Cape house to beautiful weather. We made it in time to meet up with our friends Neil and Andrea. Andrea had a blogger 911 issue and I was her go to guy.

Andrea is a fantastic photographer and she is working really hard on her zenfolio site, she also has a blog but doesn’t update as much right now. So we did some domain switching as well as creating a new blog for her. Andrea’s blog is now http://blog.wheelerimages.com. Her zenfolio is now http://wheelerimages.com as well as http://americandreamphotos.com. Check out her stuff especially if you love sailing.

When we arrived at the Cape my parents had a couple of surprises for Eva. My dad had assembled the Goldilocks bed and my mom dug out my sister’s old My Little Pony comforter as well as Strawberry Shortcake blanket. Eva was very excited about it but she is still a crib sleeper. I say let her sleep in the bed it is less than a foot off the ground and she’s already taken her 1st tumble from it and remains unscathed. But we’ll probably have to find a gate or something for it.

Tonight I almost freaked out because I put my memory card in my camera and I don’t see a photo count. Then I try and take a photo and I get a [CHA] message blinking. What the heck is this now? I think to myself. So I try and format the memory card (didn’t have much on it just the last few day’s photo-a-day images) and the camera showed the card as formatted but still showed the [CHA] message. Not Good. So I tried the memory card from my Sanyo Xacti E1. That memory card was all screwed up from the Sanyo so I formatted it and was able to take photos with it no problem. I did a search for flashing CHA on Nikon D80 and found Cheeky Grin had the same issue once. So I read the post and slid the lock back and forth re-inserted the card and low and behold it works fine. I just checked it on my laptop and the images are all still there. I was very happy not to have lost the images or the brand new 16GB card. The 1st one would be annoying, the second would have been tragic.

Oh and fantastic news!!! Allison and I are now and Aunt and and Uncle. Our sister-in-law had a beautiful baby girl. We don’t know her name yet but we are also not allowed to post photos or her name. But she is a cutie and we look forward to visiting them soon.

Who Turned on the Heat?

Who Turned on the Heat?
Photo-A-Day #1423

A surefire way to make a blogger stressed out is to have their blog go down, especially after they’ve written a pretty sweet post. We’ll that is what happened to me last night. I was monkeying around with my blog at 11:00pm. Here’s a hint, don’t go making changes to major settings that late at night unless you are willing to forgo sleep either by fixing your mistake or tossing and turning all night thinking about that mistake.

So last night I thought, hey I haven’t gotten anything done on my action list but I did write a few posts why don’t I tackle that site redirect thing for I’m Not A Famous Blogger. I think I now know my mistake. I got rid of the blog I’m Not A Famous blogger and then tried to redirect that domain name to the About page here. I tried that in a few places through my GoDaddy tools, however I put my blog in some sort of crazy infinite loop.

Pulling over to stop for directions.

I finally put a ticket in for help from GoDaddy last night around 11:30pm and went to bed. I actually did not toss and turn as I expected I would, I was pretty tired and I knew that somehow this would all be fixed. I woke up and thought to myself that what I need to do is reset everything and it will all be fixed. Well, I tried that last night and I had forgotten the .htaccess file. Sure enough it was all wonky. I uploaded an older version of the file from before the monkeying around. I thought the fix would be instantaneous and it wasn’t so I was again fired up. I tried everything I could do before we left for church. Then we came home and went right back out again to shop for the week’s groceries. It wasn’t until much later after that when I went back online and was very surprised to see that I had comments on my posts. That meant that the posts could now be seen.

Lesson Learned

Sometimes things work themselves out. You just need to set in motion the right set of events and see what happens. When you obsess over every little issue you cannot step back and see the larger picture in front of you. Also, a good night’s sleep works lets you see things from a different perspective.

What about GoDaddy?

I didn’t hear from them yet. Not mad, no judgment just the facts.