Will Smile for Hugs

Will Smile for Hugs
PHoto-A-Day #1374

Today we went over to visit my cousins. We had a delicious taco lunch. My cousin Carissa made fish tacos, beef tacos and shrimp tacos. It was a delicious spread.

Taco Bonanza

Today’s photo is of my cousin Shaun’s son. I spent a little while trying to capture that huge smile of his. He’s such a cutie.

While we were there Eva and her cousin interacted. She’s is almost a full year older than him. It was fun to sit and talk with Shaun about the stages that his son is going through. It is amazing that I don’t remember as much about each stage that I thought I would. There were three kids at the house, a 6 month old, a 14 month old and Eva, 15 months old. Eva is still a little cool around other kids, she’s used to her own toys but she does settle down and play nice. Here she is playing with my cousin’s son


On the homefront it snowed so Erik and I took care of the shoveling.

Also, I think I fixed the malware problem. I used Malwarebytes to take care of it, thanks everyone for their awesome help.

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  1. Nice to see pictures of the next generation getting together. Hopefully grandpa Dick is showing them to grandma on his new laptop. (The one he bought so he could show she her pictures of the grandchildren)

  2. and what are they playing with? fancy expensive “age appropriate”, cognitively challenging toys? No, a cup and a water bottle! Take that, Fisher Price! LOL

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