2008 Happy Birthday Allison

2008 Happy Birthday Allison
Photo-A-Day #1373

Today is Allison’s birthday. We celebrated by letting her sleep late. I took over watching Eva for a good long time to make sure that Allison had a proper sleep late morning.

After that the three of us visited with my parents for a bit so Eva could again astound and mystify my parents. She repeats everything you say these days.

Then we headed to Red Robin for a really nice lunch that made us all very full so we got home and it was nap time. I pretty much just woke up after being completely out for 2 1/2 hours so I have no idea what happened while I was asleep.

Tonight we are off to dinner at Joe’s American Bar and Grill and then to see Ellis Paul at Circle of Friends in Franklin, MA with our friends Michelle and Bob. It should be a great night. I’ll have to take pictures. 🙂

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