You gotta read the fine print

A lesson I need to learn. I just got my message about my earnings from and as an affiliate my personal purchases do not count toward affiliate earnings. I think that is crap but it is in the terms of service and I did not read the fine print when I started buy products through Amazon and thinking I would also get the commission. So instead of having about $78 coming my way I only have $28. Well, I have put the word out to family and friends to make purchases through this site or through The BenSpark but I can’t make out with extra savings by making my own purchases. So if you an an affiliate and think you can save a little extra on your own purchases, I say to you, read the Terms of Service. You are warned.

That being said take a look at Amazon’s new Unbox program.

And Pre-order Harry Potter 7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.