You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail II


Tomorrow Allison, Eva and I are attending the birthday party of our good friend’s son Matty. Matty is turning 1 year old. At first when I got this repeat fortune for today’s FortunateBluFrog fortune I was disappointed. I am not a fan of getting repeat fortunes but I guess if you open up one every day then you are bound to get repeats. I would have thought I’d have gotten more variety in the 3 dozen cookies I bought. However, This weekend I should have some brand new ones because the ones at home are from another batch.

Okay, back to the 1 year old’s birthday party. A birthday party for a kid that small is strange. We had one for Eva and will have one for all future kids of course. However, at 1 a kid’s birthday party is really one for the parents and the people who attend. There certainly are great customs like that 1st piece of cake.

For Eva her 1st cupcake was a huge deal, I video taped it and it was so cute. She made a huge mess and loved it. It wasn’t as epic as her 1st ice cream from Dairy Queen however. Now that, that was epic. (BTW We didn’t win the Dairy Queen Sweet Deals contest.) The winner was a someone with a creative letter to Dairy Queen. I thought that cute kid would trump all. I was wrong, DQ likes letters instead, wacky pun filled letters.

Apparently today is tangent day. I’m off all over the place. Anyway the point is that birthday parties for small kids have strange customs, birthday parties for pets are even stranger. However, any excuse for a party is a good one.

8 thoughts on “You May Attend a Party Where Strange Customs Prevail II”

  1. Amy,
    I never ended up at a party late enough for the sharpies to come out,but I do recall those days. Back when I could drink without fear of empty calories and sugar spikes.

  2. Stephen,
    I did attend SB^3. I even added that to my new about page. No, there were no strange customs. I hope I did not offend you.

  3. Karen,

    That is wonderful. It would have been cool of DQ to have some runner prizes for folks in that big contest.

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