You’ll Have That Vol. 1 The Review

Well, it has been almost a week since I got my signed copy of You’ll Have That Vol. 1 from Wes Molebash. Wes Molebash has created a comic strip that has universal appeal. His storylines are inventive and his characters have heart.

From the book cover: “You’ll Have That is a webcomic strip that follows the lives of Andy and Katie, a newlywed couple in their twenties, as they try to figure out life together.

You’ll Have That Vol. 1 contains 100 comics from the You’ll Have That website and 16 bonus strips that tell the story of how Andy and Katie met. As a fan of the strip I was very pleased to see the story of their meeting.

There is nothing crude about Wes’ work, not the language, and certainly not the artwork. Each strip is crafted so well and conveys a crisp and clean style. The subtleness that Wes adds to each character’s expressions and lines. Wes can convey emotion with a simple turn of an eyebrow. The strength of the strip is in the characters and their interactions with each other. There is a genuine love that can be seen between Katie and Andy.

In addition to the main characters Andy and Katie there is:

  • Steve, Andy’s best friend
  • Emaline, Steve’s international/local girlfriend
  • Murray, Andy’s co-worker
  • Mitch, Katie’s Boss
  • Joe, Katie’s Dad

Wes can make the simple everyday situations and make them meaningful and extraordinary. Reading through the book brought me back in touch with why I placed this strip as the top one on my daily must read list. Wes’ attention to detail and quality within each strip is evidenced by the consistency of what he produces. Wes has also been known to give Andy a T-shirt with his own personal musical tastes. Andy is often seen sporting a Guster, Jack Johnson and even a Hey Thomas shirt (Who is Hey Thomas, a band that Wes was in years ago check ’em out on myspace.)

What You’ll Have That does not do is succumb to what many web comics end up doing, and that is resorting to crude language because you can do that on the Internet. There is no in your face shock factor with You’ll Have That Vol. 1, merely an entertaining story about a loving couple in a functional, caring and supportive relationship. It is a comic that many people can relate to. Wes’ fans often comment on the message boards that Wes must have placed camera’s in their houses because they can see themselves in the characters of Andy and Katie. I know that I made that observation a time or two myself.

Do yourself a favor and pick up You’ll Have That Vol. 1 and get ready for Vol. 2 at the end of the year.