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Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01615

I have been so focused on the Black Belt Test that I have been unable to give time to some reviews. I have a bunch of Playmobil Naruto characters to show you and also a fun toy bow and arrow set to also review. They have been sitting behind me in the office for months and have been looking at me wondering when I will review them. Soon, very soon.

Review: Jim Benton’s Fann Club: Batman Squad

Fann Club Batman Squad
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01603

We received a free review copy of Jim Benton’s Fann Club: Batman Squad. Opinions are our own.

I’ve been a fan of Jim Benton’s humor for a long time now. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing him via Zoom and meeting him in person at a couple of comic book conventions over the years. The guy has an incredible sense of humor and he can use that for both kids and adults. Jim works on many of his own properties like the Catwad and Franny K. Stein series. His new series takes place in the DC Universe and centers on a kid named Ernest Fann. Fann Club: Batman Squad is a super silly look at one kids obsession with the cape crusader and how he tries to assemble his own club of people seeking to bring the justiest justice of all to his neighborhood.

Ernest is well, earnest and a bit dim. He loves Batman and he along with his babysitter, best friend and dog try to protect their neighborhood from would be villains. Ernest has the code name Gerbilwing, Hi best friend is Nightstand, his dog is Night Terrier and the babysitter is Eyeshadow. As a club they do many things that batman would do, like scowling, posing and baking justice pastries.

I gave the book to Andy to read as they have been all about reading graphic novels and comics lately. Andy got a big kick out of this book and is looking forward to the next installment.

The book is going to be available on June 6th and you can pre-order is from now using our affiliate link below.