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Oregon Trail

I found this through Rob’s website. Do you remember the Oregon Trail back in grade school. Well this is the version for the Apple IIC or something like that. We used to have an Apple IIC but didn’t have this game. I had The Bard’s Tale which I really really liked. And of course Print shop which I used all the time to make posters and cards and flyers. Anyway back at SMSH we would play Oregon trail once every other month for about 1/2 an hour with 3 kids to a computer. Can you imagine playing Oregon Trail with two other people when all you had to do is make yes and no choices. Man we were disadvantaged growing up with computers. It’s surprising that I even know how to turn one on.

Anyway this is how I fared on my trip along the Oregon Trail. I was almost there and ran out of food and everyone in the party died. But doesn’t that always happen? But I think my problem was buying too much ammunition and not enough food. Then I tried to hunt and oh well that was pitiful. But I almost made it to the end. Then everyone started kicking off day after day.

Can you do better? Oregon Trail.

Boys Night Out…

Last night Neil, Derek, Mike and I went to the Funway Cafe for Boys night. Beer, Boneless Buffalo Wings and video games. The Funway Cafe is a pretty big place, with a full bar, and a restaurant and video games and pool and mini golf and go carts. There is a lot to do there. They also added couches and tables on the dance floor during the week so folks can relax and watch sports on the myriad of flat screen and big screen TV’s. It was great to hang out with the guys.