Christmas Cookies.

Okay while not actually cookies these quick and easy (can you tell I’m in marketing now?) recipes will satisfy the most discerning tastebuds. Our friend Mo sent me this recipe and it sounds so good I had to share it.

The “Poor Man’s” Truffle (though I like them better than the real thing!)


Small pretzel twists



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Place pretzels on cookie sheet (non-stick…preferably with a sil-pat)

Place one rolo on top of pretzel.

Put in oven for 5 minutes

Take out and squish rolo down to fill pretzel.

Put nuts on top.

Refridgerate for 10 minutes to harden.

SOOO goood!! How can it not be with the word “squish” in it!!

Another twist on this recipe is to substitute the mini pretze twists for the checkerboard style pretzels (I think they are called snaps) and hersey’s kisses they are prepared the same way but you squish an M&M on top. A couple of years ago Marcia made them for us and I must have eaten 2000 of them in about 15 minutes, (exaggerated but I wanted to eat 2000 of them, they were that good.)

Enjoy the Holiday Treats.