Dial up…

I’m at the Cape and using a dial up connection. How slow. I put up today’s Photo-A-Day and see that comments are coming it for many of the pictures. Glad to see that.

Today I came home from Kansas City, MO. I decided to use my upgrades to get some first class seats. Since I can;t use the upgrades with the airline miles I figured I might as well try when I can. And I got upgraded for both legs of the flight. It was nice. Not the greatest landing in PVD, but at least we didn’t skid off the runway into a ditch.

I then drove to the Cape, headed to the beach and spent some time with Mom and Dad. I read some more of Bearing an Hourglass. I’m trying to finish it so I can start A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett. And that has to be read at the beach. It’s a rule.

I went and saw the Dukes of Hazzard tonight. It was the case of the trailer being way cooler than the movie itself. However, I did really like the racing scenes and the nods to the original series.