I can’t say enough good about Serenity. I, along with thousands of other browncoats (that would be independents who fought in the war on the losing side and, in this case, fans of the cancelled TV show Firefly), are going to see this movie repeatedly. I already saw the movie back in May at a sneak preview in Boston. And when I saw it then it was fantastic and it wasn’t even finished. I can’t stress enough that seeing this movie will be a great investment of your time and money. This is how a movie should be, it should have action, suspense, humor and tragedy; you should feel for the characters and what is happening to them. This movie is about so much more than a movie, it is about the underdog, the little guy and his moment to shine in the face of adversity. See the movie tomorrow, and Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be seeing it on Tuesday because after the fans and everyone they have told have seen it we still need folks to keep seeing this movie and also Regal Cinema Club has free popcorn on Tuesday. Friends be on the lookout for a Serenity Evite from me for next Tuesday night in Bellingham.

Also I apologize for the impending influx of Serenity related posts, I really believe in this show and want this movie to succeed.