On The Warpath

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01913

I’ve gotten many of my Transformers figures out to display them and today I found another box of figures that I knew I had but hadn’t found previously. I knew that I had many figures that were updated figures that were reimagined G1 characters. One such character was Warpath the tank. I think they did an excellent job making this guy look like a total beast. Warpath was small in the show but powerful. He was part of the second wave of minicons. I think that I’ve gotten all that I’m going to take down from the attic for now. Got a couple more things on order to add to the display. I may try and find the Alternators and Binaltech figures and maybe some of the Botcon sets but maybe not. Depends on how many more times I want to go back up to the attic.