Last Day of My 40’s

last day for this shirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01918

Today is the last day of my forties. Tomorrow I turn 50 and today is the last day I can work the shirt from my daily photo. I have actually been wearing it for 2 days at this point because I posted a photo similar to this one the other day for Facebook. That got a lot of activity.

This morning I went to a funeral for one of my high school friend’s older brother. I had not seen this friend in nearly 20 years. However, he saw me in the church and was glad that I was there. We talked for a while after the funeral and caught up a bit. Then Mom and Dad took me to lunch at Box Seats. We finished up there and then I went to pick up the kids and my parents went back to my house to get ready to watch the eclipse.

viewing the eclipse

Allison was able to get home in time for us to watch the eclipse together in the back yard. It was cool but I hadn’t realized that we weren’t in the path of totality so it wasn’t spectacular like many other people travelled to see. But it was nice to go ahead and just relax on a nice sunny day and stare at the sun through our special glasses.